The artist Tenor is at the heart of a great controversy on social networks after one of his releases that has not been appreciated by his fans and many Cameroonians.

Its release was a follow-up to the welcome Cameroonians have given Congolese music star Fally Ipupa, who was in concert in Yaounde.

Tenor wonders why the Cameroonian public does not fill the concert halls as was the case for Congolese Ipupa. He goes on to say that Cameroonians do not support their artists enough.

This exit obviously was not the taste of the Cameroonian public who quickly rushed on him, on social networks. Each one going from his analysis. Internet users have not been at all tender with the artist. Many reactions have turned around the result of the songs of Cameroonian artists.

All indicated that artists who do good work are rewarded and that support can come only from good work. Some called the artist to continue working and that was the only way he could fill the concert halls in Cameroon see outside.