Tay grin (left) | During his workshop at Mzuzu E-Hub

Tay Grin has proven that he is not only grateful to his fans but has a human heart to M-Dubz youths courtesy of the endeavors he has been carrying out of uniting youths in the city (city).

His workshop at Mzuzu entrepreneurs Hub (with Mzuzu based musical stakeholders), bored testimony as his main message was sharing ideas of how the latter can prosper via their talents.

The multi-award winning hip hop artist tip offed the Mzuzu based artists not to get carried away by fame because that might only lead them to be one time hit artists.

“Longevity is important in the music industry hence hard work and connections can really help them prosper with their music career but others choose to relax when they release one hit song,” lamented Grin.

He further advised them to create their own brands that they can be known for and refrain from imitating people’s trademarks since originality is the best identity.

“I like Jay z but I did not come in the industry sounding like him but I just observed his work ethics and applied it to the type of music I make so you can have people that you look up but it doesn’t mean you have replicate them,” he advised.

Tay grin (right) with Mzuzu based up and coming artists

The Lubwa hit maker pin pointed that the music industry in Malawi needs to grow by holding hands and sharing constructive ideas that can develop the music industry.

“Most of the artists that attended the workshop are well known in Mzuzu but we want them to be known nationally and internationally so that is why I came with my team that has equipped them with various skills that will help them,” he said.

On his part, the alluring Mzuzu based RnB artist Wakisa James applauded Tay Grin for the effort because it will help expose many up and coming artists.

“I have learnt a lot from the workshop and the mix tape is a major move that will expose us the Mzuzu based artists because most of us were not heard,” confessed Wakisa.

The Mzuzu workshop has come after two other successful workshops that were organized by the The Nyau King in the two other regions of the country.