Rapper, Pope Skinny has said, Ghanaians do not invest in talents as they should and therefore, talented people get little money to help them live comfortable lives.

The Asuoden god who was the host of Kasahari show on Adom FM stated that, talented people who are able to make it in life is as a result of something extra they partake in aside their talent.

In an interview with Kasapa FM’s Kwame Bee on the Di Wu Lane Mu show, he said “Now talent don’t pay in this country, if you have money and you make a song you’ll hit. Musicians are sleeping right now because they don’t have money to push their songs.”

According to him, he did not make enough money to buy a car or a house while he was a radio show host. And that, he had to forfeit such option and look out for other alternatives to better his life.

Pope Skinny further mentioned that, there have been days where he went hungry and struggled so hard in life. He made reference to the times where he looked lanky and prayed for better days.