South African Songs Referenced By AKA On Touch My Blood! The Supa Mega is undeniably one of the biggest Hip Hop artists in South Africa and claims it is because he shows his South African identity in his music.

AKA has often been ridiculed by a lot of SA Hip Hop fans for only making music in English. Although the rapper uses a universal language, you can hear him reasserting his South African identity through the references he makes to other South African songs and samples some of them.

Caiphus Song

The rapper sampled Caiphus Semenya’s classic Matswale on his hit single from Touch My Blood which he even named after the person sampled. AKA sampled Matswale on his hit single called Caiphus which was an instant hit and one of the most played songs in 2016.


On Zone AKA makes a reference to legendary Hip Hop artist Kabelo’s Love Me Or Leave Me making use of the tone and rhyme scheme on the first line of the song. The song also has a very strong Kwaito influence which is even evident in the lyrics and sound.

Sweet Fire

After the passing of Hugh Masekela earlier this year, AKA explained the importance of sampling classics. The Supa Mega went on to make reference to the late Music legend Hugh Masekela’s touching hit singleStimela on Sweet Fire.


AKA was rather bold on his latest project Touch My Blood with songs like Jika which he makes reference to Bongo Maffin’s Tatis gubu and The Universal Gospel Choir’s classic Jikelele in the same song.The rapper samples Tatis gubu on the song.


AKA also reimagined Hollis P Monroe’s This Is Goodbye on the Tweezy produced single off of the album called Amen which features L-Tido. Supa Mega also references a JR song called Sauce using the catch phrase of the song which goes “lots of n****s out of line”.