The artist ” Sister Fa ”, whose real name is Fatou Mandiang Diatta, is pleased with the results of her commitment to protecting the rights of children and girls in the southern part of Senegal, where she launched a project in 2013, following an artistic approach.
The project implemented in partnership with the NGO “World Vision”, targets the local communities through the girls’ clubs, to fight more against the traditional practices considered harmful such as the excision, the marriages and early pregnancies.
It is held in conjunction with the teen counseling centers involved in the supervision component, but also the Academic Centers of Professional Vocational Guidance (CAOSP) and the medical inspections of schools.
“Since the beginning of the project in 2013, I have done more than thirty villages in the region with an artistic approach”, a strategy inspired by “what I could remember from a great artist” according to who “the music begins where speech stops, “she told APS.
“Today, I am very satisfied because we have young people who can bring their grievances and provide the right information to parents in the fight against violence against children,” said “Sister Fa” from now on. established in Germany.
In the conduct of the activities of this project, the members of the girls’ clubs are led to plow the streets and alleys of the communes and villages to sensitize the parents first, their peers then, on the misdeeds of the violence made to the girls, a explained the artist, who is currently conducting a project appraisal visit to local communities in the Kolda region.
The artist plans to further strengthen this “community approach”, in light of the results obtained by the project that has been the subject of a community assessment in the communes of Coumbacara, Dialambere and Dabo.
If we believe “Sister Fa”, this project is now called to be perpetuated by members of girls’ clubs and parents in the hope of extending its actions throughout the Fouladou.
In his eyes, youth is “an essential lever to overcome harmful traditional practices” such as excision, marriage and early pregnancy.