Brief Description
MshikaShika is a Zimbawean formed Music Duo from Harare.It is composed of two musicians namely Producer/Artist Afrow Zenda and Rapper/Songwritter Ronash.

The Duo was formed in June 2018 but the two artists have known each other since 2015 and have been collaborating musically ever since.”I met Ronash when I was running my commercial studio in the CBD in 2015,and from the day I recorded him,I knew he had special talent and energy”says Afrow Zenda.”We kind of lost touch in 2017 but in 2018 we met and decided to form a movement which would catapult our careers into the spotlight”Ronash Added.
Music type
Although MshikaShika’s music is mostly centered around Hip-hop and Afro pop, they are not limited to any specific Genre. Their music is characterized by their rowdiness, creativity and almost controversial lyrics. Their goal is to attract the masses so their message is mostly about social commentary and telling the Ghetto Story which appeals to the Zimbabwean majority of urban folk who reside in the high density areas.

The duo released their debut song,titled Ndiri Mushini on July 13 2018 online and through the Media Publicist Company Mumhanzi Media, the song was submitted to most of Zimbabwe’s high ranking radio stations.The Pair is also working on visuals for the single and as well,other follow up songs as well.Their debut album is due for release sometime in 2019.