Mumhanzi Mix is weekly mix that drops every Friday a collaboration of Mumhanzi Media and Dj Quincy this is the third installment which has just gotten bigger and better this one has the current heavy hitters on local radio charts and street hits with a mixture of the well known to the unknown this is indeed empowerment of the game .Leaders of in the genre Junior Brown Mariachi and Cal Vin with bangers and leaders if the new school Takura and Asaph this mix has it all . The purpose of these mixes is to improve the consumption of local hip hop content in the market and increase the reach of the music thats why we have also incorporated Ya Fm for the Mix to air on radio once every Saturday from 8:05 pm CAT .

Hip Hop growth has always happened through the coming together of key stake holders and innovative ways to improve the market share

Playlist :
1. Queen Vee – Nobody
2. Cal Vin – Z’khuphan
3. Daley Ft. Splits Loui – Zesa
4. Bryan G – Skiri
5. Asaph – Mambo
6. Mariachi Muzukuru Ft. Jnr Brown – Salsibury
7. Elly Gould – Rouge
8. King Kodini – Cde Tito
9. G Banks Ft. 2Lani – Talk is Cheap
10. Mariachi Mzukuru Ft. Asaph – Ice nemaDrinks
11. Takura – Hona Mandebvu