Meet Miss’Mell Raphaela A 19 year old RnB & Hip Hop artist from South Africa who just recently released her hit single Mama don’t worry featuring Shonaman
Mell is currently working on two other singles ,first one titled ,”I should have known” and second one titled “heaven done spoken” and they will both be out by this month of November.
Talking to chain rap mell emphasized that her story drives her passion “when I look at where I come from ,and where I am now and how God has done it for me and me having the voice to testify of His greatness so that someone out there can get hope through my story “
Mell said Mama don’t worry is a song She wrote a few months ago “things were soooo tough ,I could literally see that life had drained my mom and I wanted to tell her that mommy we see what you going through and how you struggling to be afloat for us to be okay but don’t worry God has got you ,and he is a God that never fails and indeed he didn’t let us down and I felt like.
Shonaman is perfect for this track cause his music is real it tells a story and i feel like he understood where im coming from and well he is one of my favorite rappers” said Mell
Click the Link below to listen to her new single ft. Shonaman called Mama don’t worry and enjoy.

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