Hip hop has be known for its motivation and show off lifestyle of parties girl’s , making it in life in Africa we has seen the raise of hip hop especially in the South Africa. We have seen emerging voices in the Zimbabwe Hip Hop scenery today we are going to be talking and about Maxy Jay Rapper who recently released his Mixtape Half of Me , 6 tracks with  typical ghetto stories of coming from nothing and hustling your way up. Maxy Jay stripped himself with this mixtape he went raw but also kept it family friendly . Born just outside Harare in Chitungwiza in ghetto he says I’m a ghetto story teller , what we go through is how I write my music , music called me and I answered .

im basedin China right now doing my degree, i have had opportunities to perform my songs people really appreciate me and my energy on the stage. I just want to be a hero to all the talented kids from the hood