Rapper Octopizzo has laughed off allegations that he has bought YouTube views for his new song Oliel which he released just a week ago.

The Kibera rapper released the song, the first single from his upcoming album that he hasn’t said much about yet, on August 8 and went on to garner a million views in almost 24 hours leaving many surprised and curious.

Asked by a fan on Instagram whether the views were manufactured and don’t resemble his fan base, the rapper, who also recently topped headlines for lifting another rapper’s – Lil Wop – photo on Instagram and posting it as his, laughed off the allegations. Literally.

Some fans claim the views have been fluctuating too, giving different figures whenever you checked. Fellow rapper and long-time nemesis Khaligraph Jones scoffed when asked whether the views were legit.

“[Sometimes] you succumb to the pressure and with some people, you have to do what you have to do,” Jones, a rapper who has beefed with Octopizzo since they started their careers in 2008, told a local news outlet.

“And with him I think he had to do what he to do. At the end of the day, real people know what is happening.” 

So what’s really happening? Is it that hard to rake in two million views in week in Kenya? Perhaps.

To put it into perspective, singer Otile Brown and socialite Vera Sidika, with a combined social media following of almost 1.5 million fans, a break-up stunt that got Kenyans talking for weeks and numerous support from fellow local celebrities and blogs, managed to push Baby Love to just a million views in a week.

And with that, they left many impressed.

Sauti Sol on a good day, factoring their international fans, can easily hit Octopzzo’s numbers or even more.

Surprisingly, Octopizzo did it while at number 24 on YouTube’s trending list. Jones said he can never buy views and that he’s in no position to stop other artists from doing so.

“You may have a song that has a million views but there is no hype behind it,

“Everybody is doing their own stuff. If he feels like that’s the way to go, then who am I to come through and interfere?” Said Jones in the interview.