Deruve McSun is a Ugandan gospel musician & Co-founder under the record Label; Salvation Music Group.

He does lots of genres including hip hop,Afro music and lots more. “let’s say I rap and sing about reality,life and the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Said Deruve McSun. Way back in high school they created a group of young talented rappers called the Men Of Valor.

Deruve McSun said,”He started developing the love of being a musician when he was still a little kid and can still remember in 2005 when he tried composing a song after hearing a song of some local artist.

In 2010 he composed a song titled: Gangster and this was when he decided not to go back to school for evening lessons but he never got the chance of recording the song since he had no money said Deruve McSun. He started learning how to rap after hearing some of his buddies in the hood freestyle Tupac’s and TI’s lyrics however in 2010 a friend told him he couldn’t rap but rather sing coz his voice wasn’t deep like those of “Busta Ryhmes” but after listening to Eminem’s songs who became his best rapper and inspiration he continued practicing rapping.

To cut the story short,he finally boosted his love for music in high school starting from 2011 when he could sing and rap for the congregations(studen­ts). “I really wanted to do secular but after knowing the truth about Jesus Christ and getting saved by grace I made my choice to do gospel music for God.” Said Deruve McSun.

You Check Out On His Latest Project My Way Featuring His Home Boy ” RICKY SED ”

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