Hélio Batalha, who is taking notice in Cape Verde, has now arrived in Portugal with his latest album ‘Karta d’Alforia’.

The rapper spoke with Correio da Manhã shortly before entering the stage of the B.Leza in Lisbon, and explained how his songs are felt by the audience that identifies with his words.

In 2016, Hélio Batalha participated in the Atlantic Music Expo, in the City of Praia, in Cape Verde, and left the professionals of the ‘world music’ attentive to their work. But Hélio did not stand still and was sharing the stage with various artists such as Mayra Andrade, Dino de Santiago, Zeca di Nha Reinalda or Fattu Djakite.

Already this year he stepped onto the stage with the ‘Tubarões’, he reinvented ‘Djonsinho Cabral’ and was very successful, to the point of growing interest in continuing this partnership with a few more concerts.

In Lisbon, Hélio Batalha invited Karlon (Nigga Poison) to a great hip hop session in B.Leza and the Sines Music Festival made a duet with Lura interpreting ‘Di unde kim bem’ referring to the origins of both on the Island of Santiago , in Cape Verde.

After working in Germany, integrating the Lusafro project – which counted on the participation of several musicians from PALOP and Brazil – Batalha goes now to the United States where the Cape Verdean emigrant community awaits.