PRESENTED BY: The Konnected Foundation Inc & The Konnected Africa Chapter

Hip-Hop at one time was the most promising genre in Uganda, Dating back to the mid and late 90’s when our own rappers blessed the stage and moved crowds whose audiences had come to attend other artistes like Afrigo band that did genres entirely different to what they had ever heard.

Right now Hip-hop has gone through immense transition that has left people divided on what is and what is not. For all we know Hip-hop has always been a culture, a way of life! A way of life black folks identified themselves with to express.

Back then recognition for who is better and best did not matter but getting heard was the core. People found way of making money from some of Hip-hop elements and since then there has been a great deal of diversification where Hip-hop (Old Skool) as a genre married with other genres to make new sounds like Trap. Similar to Trap In Uganda we have a one genre “Kidandali” where rappers lay verses on dance type beats whether it is Hip-hop or not it is up to you people to support what is Hip-hop and leave what is not!

There is only 32 days left to submissions for the very first Annual Hip-hop awards in Uganda. The awards will be happening in May and we urge all the rappers in Uganda to get ready to celebrate their Holidays in May after the awarding ceremony. The fans too get ready support whatever results reflects what is real in the Hip-hop Community in Uganda.

Below Is The List Of The 22 Categories; Two Of Which Are Chosen By The Panel Of Judges And The 20 Are Decided By The Fan’s Votes.

1. Female Artist
2. Male Artist
3. Mix-tape Of The Year
4. Album Of The Year
5. Song Of The Year
6. Best Hip-hop Freestyle Artist
7. Video Of The Year
8. Humanitarian Award – ( Picked By The Panel Of Judges )
9. Hustler Of The Year
10. Lyricist Of The Year
11. Producer Of The Year
12. Best Eastern Rapper
13. Best Northern Rapper
14. Best Central Rapper
15. Best Western Rapper
16. Media Personality Of The Year
17. Best Group / Duo / Collaboration
18. New Hip-Hop Artist
19. Best Featured Verse ( Sweet 16 )
20. Impact Track
21. I am Hip-Hop Icon – ( Picked By The Panel Of Judges )
22. Graffiti Designer Of The Year

SUBMISSIONS (( 15th JANUARY 2019 to 28th FEBRUARY 2019 ))

Submissions of music in each category that relates to performing acts are made by record labels and individuals. All Artistes (Rappers And Performing Acts) Countrywide Will Inbox On The Following Email ” hiphopawards@yahoo.com ” And Whatsapp on: +256 701 583 150 Inorder to recieve a form where submission shall be done. On the form, a performing act will be able to choose a category he / she thinks matches his works and accomplishments.

To be nominated for the 2019 ” 256 Hip Hop Awards ” ,an artist’s music has to have been played on any local Radio stations from the previous cycle of 1 JANUARY 2018 which ends on the 1st JANUARY 2019. Apart from radio, an artist can also get nomination if they have officially released their material on public media either print ,visual and online media. 3 credible local performances. Supporting documents are required e.g, newspaper articles, flyers , posters, video links and other evidence to show release of material .
The artist/group must be Ugandan, if not then they must have a Ugandan work permit and their work must be produced and released in the Republic of Uganda.

NOMINATION (( 1st MARCH 2019 – 30th MARCH 2019 ))
This involves a panel of unpaid judges who have contributed to the growth of the culture through broadcast, print media, activism channels. Members of the judging community are replaced on a yearly basis, to ensure that an exchange of new ideas takes place and improvements are made to ensure that the 256 Hip Hop Awards meet expected standards.
This time round we will give fans a chance to Nominate for their favorite rappers and that will be between 1st MARCH 2019 – 15th MARCH 2019 And From 16th MARCH 2019 – 30th MARCH 2019, It will be a period in which the judges will be announcing the NOMINEES.

VOTING (( 1st APRIL 2019 – 30th APRIL 2019 ))
Voting is based on the judges’ scores and public votes (40% judges and 60% public)
Categories for awarding will be posted and the number of characters’ mentions on social media shall be compared with the tallies from text messages and hence the final judgment about the winner of a particular category shall be made. The suitable Social Media platforms to use shall then be named.
Furthermore, upon the issue of text messaging;
A uniform code and the number shall be posted for everyone to cast his/her vote strictly,
at a maximum of 4 times per category, where by each and every message shall hold a uniform and a significant charge.

CEREMONY (( 15th May 2019 ))
An Awarding Event/Party shall not be organised in this first Edition of the ” 256 HIPHOP AWARDS ”
In That So, For Whoever Wins An Award,