As you already know, Tenor has a concert at PAPOSY on August 18th. As we approach D-Day, we see a strong mobilization on social media. Between the pictures of changed profiles, the videos of support (like that of Nyangono of the south), the teasing of the concert works rather well.

Yes, the Cameroonian music community and the fans have decided to support our young lion who, a few months ago announced that he can do a concert at the Palais polyvalents. sports of Yaoundé. This concert comes after that of Maahlox which took place last June. A success that we also wish to Tenor. Besides, we like his new expression “It’s good”, it’s a way of saying that things are going well.

Tenor will not be alone on the stage. To accompany him, a plethora of young artists will be present, like Blaise B, KO-C, Mbekool, Jamesy, Joel-P, George Breezy, Blinko and many others as indicated on the poster .

The entry to the concert does not cost

2000 Fcfa for classic passes (white color)
5000 Fcfa for VIP passes (Red color)

Tickets are available in all PMUC kiosks

For us of the team Voila Moi, we invite you to come Massively live this event which is meant to be major in the development of popular musical show in our country. Tenor surely has some proof to make, we wait to see what a surprise it will make us. It is very important to support this initiative, which belongs to us all. If we are all at Paposy on the 18th, Tenor will do better than Dadju. It is a hope, but I would like it to be a prophecy.