Ali Khochman aka AK47 is a young Ivoiro-Lebanese living in Ivory Coast, where he was born. From an early age, he is passionate about music and sports, two areas between which his heart keeps swinging. Then he decides to focus on the sport, supported and encouraged by his friends and family. He started with football by joining the Ivorian club “Asec Mimosa” .However, following a back injury, he has the obligation to stop. He decides to take refuge in the dance.

He invests and illustrates himself in a musical register and a type of dance that seduced at the time a generation, the Tecktonik “.It perseveres and manages to be invited in front of thousands of people at the Palace of Culture at the concert of the group “Mondotek”, group being at the origin of this dance. After this success he decides to resume the sport but this time he is developing a real passion for bodybuilding. At 16, a competitions organizer called him near a gym in Lebanon where he was spending his holidays, and asked him to participate in his very first bodybuilding competition.

He finished 4th in Lebanon and it was then that his bodybuilding career started. He won 2nd place in South Lebanon the following year, then 4th place in Ivory Coast, and finally he participated in a powerlifting competition where he won 2nd place in all categories. Taking care of his physical appearance and maintaining himself for the needs of his passion, an Ivorian rap group (All Black) contacted him to intervene in the shooting of one of their clips. It is from this moment that he enters the domain he has always dreamed of, music.

Just arrived in the rap world, he is quickly noticed by his flow and voice out of the ordinary. His particular style and physique make him stand out from other rappers. He already accumulates on his YouTube Channel more than a dozen thousand views. It touches both the young audience by its modern style, as adults through text songs. Currently in studio he prepares his mixtape and promises that it will be heavy. Many upcoming collaborations, clips that will make you dance until the end of the night. In one sentence, what beautiful surprises …! Stay on the lookout for this new talent whose future is very promising.