At the release of his latest international album “Tokoss”, his fellow artists and some knowledgeable journalists thought that Fally Ipupa would definitively turn his back on the Rumba style because he no longer has cartridges to defend himself on the local market.

Completely criticized internally on this subject, Dicap la Merveille wants, today, to prove the opposite, through a new sound dedicated to the rhythm of the country.

“Contrôle” is the flagship title of the new album by which the 41-year-old Congolese singer commits himself to sign his return to the Congolese Rumba which is his identity and his musical base.

“I want to play this rumba again but not in the same way as the other musicians,” he says during his last interview with the Kinoise press.

On the other hand, Fally Ipupa recognizes that this Congolese Rumba is really down compared to other musical styles, on the international level. Nevertheless, he says he has found the solution.

For him, the fundamental will be the style “Tcha-tcho” which he attributes the paternity to his former boss, Koffi Olomide.

“The Rumba has undergone several changes. Those of Tabu Ley Rochereau, Grand Kalle and Koffi Olomide are not the same … the Rumba that we play today in our music is that of Koffi Olomide, “says the former Latin Quarter chorister.

In “Control”, he considers doing the Rumba by revolutionizing it with authentic sounds.

Moreover, the man of Right way has unveiled some titles among the songs that will constitute his new record. In particular: “Zikitolo”, “Sugarcane”, “Humanism”, “Bomb”, “207”, “Matata”, “Souci” and “One love”.

“We have provided an extra effort to write beautiful songs that will remain classics,” he reassures music lovers of the rumba.

Already, Fally Dicap has dropped the video of “School”, the generic song (dance animation) to announce the colors of “Control” that will soon be released on the tray.

This is a 9-minute swaying clip in which we find the artist and his foals in ninja outfits.

The video is already available in streaming on different download platforms on the Internet.

Recall that the album “Control” succeeds “Tokoss” which was very popular and worked well outside.

Sung in English and French with a little lingala, this album has allowed Fally to confirm and win another place on the international stage of the song.

Thanks to its overwhelming success, this disc dominated by urban sounds still bears the name of Fally Ipupa in the competition Afrimma 2018.

Francophone (Best Francophone Artist).