Budding  Zimbabwean Hip Hop Artist Afrow Zenda has emerged one to watch in a country where hip hop is starting to take shape. He announced himself with a celebration song when the Zimbabwean Army seized power and become a national darling ,Coming to you as the second single from Afrow Zenda’s debut Album (Zhara),here is a trap banger titled Muto.In an effort to expand and grow his unique trap sound which combines both singing and rapping ,the song is related to his previous single Cinderella but is more uptempo and harder when it comes to the beat.The lyrics are catchy and at times humorous and the song is definitely a turn up song.Muto translates to Juice or Sauce,both words used in the urban culture to describe Style,Swag,Street credit or Respect. The song was produced by Afrow Zenda under his record label_Sokowe Mg.