Johannesburg – As South Africa mourns the loss of hip-hop artist Linda “ProKid” Mkhize who died on Wednesday following a “severe seizure attack”, We remember the star who touched people’s lives through his inspirational music.

Pro’s songs always had a positive message that either motivated, inspired or simply made the listener feel good.

These are the five classics you should listen to by the self-proclaimed number one Soweto Boy.

1. Sekele 

This song has been dubbed as a hype song by many. The song refers to opening a circle to dance and have a good time. Sekele is a feel-good song which is guaranteed to get you on your feet and groove to its beats.

2. Makasana

Makasana is a South African slang word that refers to someone who was raised in a township also called “kasi.” This song spoke about how one could still have a bright future even when coming from a disadvantaged community such as a township.

ProKid was born and raised in a township called Soweto and encourages everyone from the township to do better in this song.

3. Feels Good to be Alive

This song is from Pro’s DNA Album which was released in 2006. It is a pick-me-up song which speaks about how life’s many obstacles shouldn’t get one down. The rapper encouraged people to enjoy life through its many obstacles.

4. BhampaThe word bhampa refers to a walk usually done by men from townships whenever they felt confident. In this song ProKid uses puns and punchlines to appreciate the vibrant township culture.

5. Ungaphelumoya Son

The IsiZulu word ungaphelumoya means “don’t give up.” In this song Pro encourages people to never give up no matter what they go through. The rapper also raps about some of his personal struggles he has faced and how he has never lost hope.